Sell your services successfully with the best ERP for the service industry

Manage your service industry better with Simpel ERP.

Know your efficient leads and customers, also you can set up your subscription plans as per your needs, manage your multiple projects and much more.

Better logistics in your services business

A service Business is an enterprise composed of a professional or team of experts that deliver work or aid in completing a task for the benefit of its customers. Service business presents the most advanced business research on the service sector. Nowadays, running a service business has its own challenges. We provide hosting and support services ourselves, so we are very familiar with some of the main areas in the services industry.

Simpel ERP covers a multitude of features to help run your services business in an easiest way. Run campaigns for increased customer acquisition, create subscriptions for your services, reward regular customers with loyalty points, set maintenance visits and schedules, and manage projects, issues, and service level agreements.

Manage your Customers:

A customer is an individual or business that purchases another company's goods or services. Customers are important because they drive revenues; without them, businesses cannot continue to exist. A customer is sometimes known as a client, buyer, or purchaser is the one who receives goods, services, products, or ideas, from a seller for a monetary consideration. Assign dedicated account managers, Tax IDs and tax categories for automatic
tax calculations. Use different currency for your overseas customers, and the exchange rates will be calculated automatically . Store multiple contacts, emails, and phone numbers of a customer. Set a credit limit on customers to prevent further sales for customers with a big tab. Set up a loyalty program to build rapport with your customers.

Project Management:

Manage internal and external projects efficiently. Bill your customers for the employees you've sent to their site using the Time Sheets feature. Create and track tasks to keep your employees on their toes during important projects.

Help Desk:

Usually, a services company will get more issues than a product company. We understand this, so we've created lots of features to organize and manage incoming issues.

With features like 'Append To', issues are automatically created in Simpel ERP when customers email issues to a configured email address. Classify issues by leads, projects, or companies. Record quality with information like minutes to first response and service level agreement.

Service level agreement:

Offering quick and quality resolutions to incoming issues is not easy. That's why we have a Service Level Agreement feature to help you set and adhere to standards and keep your customers happy.

With service levels measuring time to respond and resolve, you can set targets and take appropriate actions to make sure customers are satisfied. SLAs can be automatically applied to new incoming issues. Support hours can also be set to properly communicate expectations with your customers.

Maintenance Visit:

When an item cannot be brought to your cent er, or you need to service it at the customer's site, maintenance visits are absolutely necessary. Record the progress of the visits, scheduled or unscheduled. Record the person performing the visit and the work done.